New Book Tuesday! Artificial Whiteness and Working for Respect

Our weekly list of new books is now available!


Artificial Whiteness

Politics and Ideology in Artificial Intelligence

Yarden Katz

Yarden Katz reveals the ideology embedded in the concept of artificial intelligence, contending that it both serves and mimics the logic of white supremacy. He demonstrates that understandings of AI, as a field and a technology, have shifted dramatically over time based on the needs of its funders and the professional class that formed around it.


New In Paper!

Working for Respect

Community and Conflict at Walmart

Adam Reich and Peter Bearman

In Working for Respect, Adam Reich and Peter Bearman examine how workers make sense of their jobs at places like Walmart in order to consider the nature of contemporary low-wage work, as well as the obstacles and opportunities such workplaces present as sites of struggle for social and economic justice.


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