New Book Tuesday! Tortured Logic, Midcentury Suspension, American Zealots and More!

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Tortured Logic

Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism

Erin M. Kearns and Joseph K. Young

In Tortured Logic, Erin M. Kearns and Joseph K. Young draw upon a novel series of group experiments to understand how and why the average citizen might come to support the use of torture techniques. They find evidence that when torture is depicted as effective in the media, people are more likely to approve of it.


Midcentury Suspension

Literature and Feeling in the Wake of World War II

Claire Seile

How did literary artists confront the middle of a century already defined by two global wars and newly faced with a nuclear future? Midcentury Suspension argues that a sense of suspension—a feeling of being between beginnings and endings, recent horrors and opaque horizons—shaped transatlantic literary forms and cultural expression in this singular moment.

American Zealots

Inside Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

Arie Perliger

In American Zealots, Arie Perliger provides a wide-ranging and rigorously researched overview of right-wing domestic terrorism. He analyzes its historical roots, characteristics, tactics, rhetoric, and organization, assessing the current and future trajectory of the use of violence by the far right.

Subterranean Fanon

An Underground Theory of Radical Change

Gavin Arnall

Gavin Arnall traces an internal division throughout Fanon’s work between two distinct modes of thinking about change. Speaking both to scholars and to the continued vitality of Fanon’s ideas among today’s social movements, this book offers a rigorous and profoundly original engagement with Fanon that affirms his importance in the effort to bring about radical change.

Chicago Sociology

Jean-Michel Chapoulie
Foreword by William Kornblum
Translated by Caroline Wazer

This groundbreaking book on the development and influence of the Chicago tradition, first published in 2001, became an immediate classic in France, where Chicago sociology has exerted significant appeal. Drawing on deep archival research and interviews with members of the tradition, Jean-Michel Chapoulie interrogates evidence with a historian’s eye and recognizes the profound effects that culture, society, and the economy have on individuals and institutions.

Agriculture and Industry in Brazil

Innovation and Competitiveness

Albert Fishlow and José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho
Foreword by José A. Scheinkman

Agriculture and Industry in Brazil is a study of the economics of Brazilian agriculture and industry, with a special focus on the importance of innovation to productivity growth. Albert Fishlow and José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho examine technological change in Brazil, highlighting the role of public policy in building institutions and creating an innovation-oriented environment.

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