Book Excerpt! Conspiring with the Enemy, by Yvonne Chiu (preface)

Chiu shows that the ethic of cooperation in warfare is a major normative feature of war-fighting, today as well as in the distant past. Other writers on just war theory sometimes drop hints of this, but the great accomplishment of this book is to bring the ethic of cooperation out of the shadows and reveal it as something absolutely central to warfare ethics. Chiu’s scholarship is impressively wide-ranging, and she has a tremendous eye for the telling anecdote, historical episode, and quotation.

~David Luban, Georgetown University

Communication and cooperation between enemies at war seems to exist at odds with the violence of warfare, a phenomenon Yvonne Chiu explores in Conspiring with the Enemy: The Ethic of Cooperation in Warfare. Chiu examines weapons bans, treatment of prisoners of war, the Geneva Conventions, and more in this significant contribution to military ethics and political philosophy. Read the preface to this work for more on the laws of war and strategies put in place in the effort to constrain warfare.

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