Book Excerpt! The Dream Revisited, Edited by Ingrid Gould Ellen and Justin Peter Steil

[The Dream Revisited] is probably the most intelligent and thoughtful read on segregation in recent years. Despite highlighting so many debates and differences, I consider it a hopeful and useful policy tool.

~Anne B. Shlay, Georgia State University, Journal of Urban Affairs

A half century after the Fair Housing Act, despite ongoing transformations of the geography of privilege and poverty, residential segregation by race and income continues to shape urban and suburban neighborhoods in the United States. In The Dream Revisited: Contemporary Debates About Housing, Segregation, and Opportunity, Ingrid Gould Ellen and Justin Peter Steil offer pressing insights into the changing face of urban inequality. Read the introduction to this work for a brief history of segregation in America and why we must continue to work against this persistent issue.

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