New Book Tuesday! Uneven Innovation and more!

Our weekly list of new books is now available!

Uneven Innovation

The Work of Smart Cities

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark reframes the smart city concept within the trajectory of uneven development of cities and regions, as well as the long history of technocratic solutions to urban policy challenges. She considers the potential of emerging technologies as well as their capacity to exacerbate existing inequalities and even produce new ones.

New In Paper!

From the Weatherhead Books on Asia series

There a Petal Silently Falls

Three Stories by Ch’oe Yun

Ch’oe Yun. Translated by Bruce Fulton and Ju-Chan Fulton

There a Petal Silently Falls is a selection of works from contemporary Korean author Ch’oe Yun. Elegantly crafted and quietly moving, Ch’oe Yun’s stories are among the most incisive portrayals of the psychological and spiritual reality of post-World War II Korea.

The Merchant’s Tale

Yokohama and the Transformation of Japan

Simon Partner

In a narrative history rich in colorful detail, Simon Partner uses the story of an ordinary merchant farmer as a vantage point onto sweeping social transformation and its unwitting agents. Partner’s history of Yokahama as a vibrant meeting place humanizes the story of Japan’s revolutionary 1860s and their profound consequences.

Living with Hate in American Politics and Religion

How Popular Culture Can Defuse Intractable Differences

Jeffrey Israel. Foreword by Martha C. Nussbaum.

Jeffrey Israel offers an innovative argument for the power of playfulness in popular culture to make our capacity for coexistence imaginable. He explores how people from different backgrounds can pursue justice together, even as they play with their divisive grudges, prejudices, and desires in their cultural lives.

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