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Risk, Choice, and Uncertainty

Three Centuries of Economic Decision-Making

George G. Szpiro

Risk, Choice, and Uncertainty offers a new narrative of the three-century history of the study of decision making, tracing how crucial ideas have evolved and telling the stories of the thinkers who shaped the field. George G. Szpiro examines economics from theories of optimal decision making to behavioral science.

On My Country and the World

anniversary edition

Mikhail Gorbachev. Translated by George Shriver. Foreword by William Taubman.

Drawing on his own experience, rich archival material, and a keen sense of history and politics, Mikhail Gorbachev speaks his mind on a range of subjects concerning Russia’s past, present, and future place in the world. Here is Gorbachev on the October Revolution, the Cold War, and key figures such as Lenin, Stalin, and Yeltsin.

Licentious Fictions

Ninjō and the Nineteenth-Century Japanese Novel

Daniel Poch

Nineteenth-century Japanese literary discourse and narrative developed a striking preoccupation with ninjō—literally “human emotion,” but often used in reference to amorous feeling and erotic desire. In Licentious Fictions, Daniel Poch investigates the significance of ninjō in defining the literary modernity of nineteenth-century Japan.

New In Paper!

Spreading Buddha’s Word in East Asia

The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon

Edited by Jiang Wu and Lucille Chia

A monumental work in the history of religion, the history of the book, the study of politics, and bibliographical research, this collection follows the making of the Chinese Buddhist canon from the fourth century to the digital era. Approaching the subject from a historical perspective, it ties the religious, social, and textual practices of canon formation to the development of East Asian Buddhist culture and enlivens Chinese Buddhist texts.

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