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From the Film and Culture series

Play Time

Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism

Malcolm Turvey

Malcolm Turvey examines Jacques Tati’s unique comedic style and evaluates its significance for the history of film and modernism. Richly illustrated with images from the director’s films, Play Time offers an illuminating and original understanding of Tati’s work.

New In Paper!


Modern Japan’s Greatest Novelist

John Nathan

John Nathan provides a lucid and vivid account of Natsume Sōseki, the father of the modern novel in Japan. This biography elevates Sōseki to his rightful place as a great synthesizer of literary traditions and a brilliant chronicler of universal experience who, no less than his Western contemporaries, anticipated twentieth-century modernism.


Unpublished Correspondence and Texts

Roland Barthes. Translated by Jody Gladding

Album provides an unparalleled look into Roland Barthes’s life of letters. It presents a selection of correspondence, from his adolescence through the last years of his life. The first English-language publication of Barthes’s letters, Album is a comprehensive testimony to one of the most influential critics of the twentieth century.

From the Modernist Latitudes series

The Extinct Scene

Late Modernism and Everyday Life

Thomas S. Davis

The Extinct Scene examines late modernism’s decisive turn toward everyday life, locating in the heightened scrutiny of details, textures, and experiences an intimate attempt to conceptualize geopolitical disorder.

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