Celebrating the Ten-Year Anniversary of Global Corporate Governance and U.S. Corporate Governance

In 2007, Columbia Business School Publishing, an imprint of Columbia University Press was founded in concert with Columbia Business School. Its mission mirrors that of the Graduate School of Business— to bridge academic research and business practice, reaching the global academic and business communities.

Today we are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Global Corporate Governance and U.S. Corporate Governancetwo books from our Columbia Business School Publishing imprint and both edited by Donald H. Chew and Stuart L. Gillian. Take a look and the excerpts below, and uncover well-considered articles that bridge the gap between leading thinking and practical solution regarding corporate finance.

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Global Corporate Governance

A terrific resource on the latest thinking about global corporate governance.

~ Steven N. Kaplan, University of Chicago Booth School of Business>

Essential when buying stocks in one’s own country, effective corporate governance is even more important abroad, where information can be less reliable and investor influence (or protection) more limited. In this collection of articles from the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, more than thirty leading scholars and practitioners discuss the possibilities and limitations of global corporate finance and governance systems, whether in Europe and North America or in the emerging markets of Israel, India, Korea, and South Africa. Essays discuss the political roots of American corporate finance but also the structural and financial variations between international corporations.

U.S. Corporate Governance

Anyone seeking a comprehensive introduction to corporate governance will find this book valuable…recommended.

~ Choice

In this collection of classic and current articles from the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, thought leaders such as Michael Jensen and Robert Monks discuss the corporate mission of value maximization and the accomplishments and limitations of the U.S. governance system in achieving that end.

This collection of articles and essays address the elements driving corporate value: the board of directors, compensation for CEOs and other employees, incentives and organizational structure, external ownership and control, role of markets, and financial reporting. They evaluate best practice methods, challenges in designing equity plans, transferable stock options, the controversy over executive compensation, the values of decentralization, identifying and attracting the “right” investors, the evolution of shareholder activism, creating value through mergers and acquisitions, and the benefits of just saying no to Wall Street’s “earnings game.”

About the editors:
Donald H. Chew is the founding editor of the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and was one of the founding partners of Stern Stewart & Co., a New York-based corporate finance advisory firm. He has published more than ten books on corporate finance.
Stuart L. Gillan is associate and Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Finance at Texas Tech University. He has held several academic and industry positions, including senior research fellow at TIAA-CREF and associate chief economist at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. 


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