New Book Tuesday! Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings, NGOs as Newsmakers, With Us and Against Us and More!

NGOs as Newsmakers

The Changing Landscape of International News

Matthew Powers

Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings

The Emotional Costs of Everyday Life

Mari Ruti

With Us and Against Us

How America’s Partners Help and Hinder the War on Terror

Stephen Tankel

Friends and Other Strangers

Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Culture

Richard B. Miller

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

3:1 (2017)

Edited by Julie Fedor, Samuel Greene, Andre Härtel, Andrey Makarychev, and Andreas Umland

Re-forming World Literature

Katherine Mansfield and the Modernist Short Story

Edited by Gerri Kimber and Janet Wilson

Ulaanbaatar Beyond Water and Grass

A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia

M. A. Aldrich

Objectifying China

Ming and Qing Dynasty Ceramics and Their Stylistic Influences Abroad

Ben Chiesa and Florian Knothe

Brooklyn Tides

The Fall and Rise of a Global Borough

Benjamin Shepard and Mark Noonan


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