A Boys Club No More

Recently, we discovered a collection of old photos of Columbia University Press taken in 1952. We decided to recreate a few of them with a fun twist. Rather than staging and recreating the photographs with props from the 50’s we thought it would be more telling to keep the staging, but update the setting and personnel to show how the press has evolved over time. In honor of Women’s History Month, we call this set of recreations “A Boys Club No More.”

The stack of photos we found had one common theme–the personnel seemed to lacked diversity. Women did not appear to hold leadership roles, and there was a lack of diversity in ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As you can see in the recreated photographs below, today’s team is more diverse in gender and ethnicity, and women hold several leadership roles. In fact, we made history in 2014 when Jennifer Crewe became the first female director of an Ivy League press. We’ve come a long way since 1952. Here, at CUP, we continually strive to develop and maintain an inclusive team and culture.



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