Weekly RoundUp

By  Joanne Raymond

Great news everyone, the weekly roundup is back! Each Friday, staff member Joanne Raymound will be posting a brief overview of the latest news from academic publishers. As always, if you enjoy something or think that we missed an important post, please let us know in the comments. (And look back at our University Press Roundup Manifesto to see why we do this post every Friday.)



What’s the sitch?

NYU Press is screaming #TimesUp with the rest of the nation and embracing the #MeTooMovement with an oldie by Jennifer Fish, Domestic Workers of the World Unite! (July 2017). Now is the right time more than ever to discuss the plight of domestic workers among us, including maids, nannies and au pairs for example, who often work for long hours and extremely low pay. This book should pick up some huge steam in the wake of this fiery revolution. Crossing fingers for you Jennifer!

Check out the book here if you’d like to give it a quick look.



Speaking of movements…

Duke University Press’s Sara Ahmed, author of Living a Feminist Life, is on a roll this month with a number of upcoming events and lectures. From New York to LA to Minnesota, Ahmed is painting the town with “white roses,” discussing the feminist theory and how it is generated from our daily life.

What else?

Or should I say, who else? Other Duke University Press authors will also hit the road to discuss their new books and give lectures on similar topics.

Curious? See the list of events here.



More events?!

Yes! The University of Hawaii at Mānoa is hosting a ton of interesting discussions on life writing. The events are held every Thursday at 1:15 pm and they’re BYOL. (Bring your own lunch, for those of you who aren’t abbreviation-savvy).

Interested? And you just happen to be in Hawaii? Then check them out!



Time to get serious.

The University of Texas Press decided to round up the contributors of an oldie, Children of Afghanistan, edited by Jennifer Heath and Ashraf Zahedi, to share their feelings on the recent tragic attack in Afghanistan.

Remind me?

Last week, five Islamic gunmen rushed into the ‘Save the Children’ office in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, killing at least six people and wounding dozens of others. This comes immediately after a suicide car bomb was detonated outside of the offices, killing at least 95 and injuring 158 others. #Afghanistan

This is getting overwhelming.

Imagine how the children feel. The contributors of the book unfortunately know all too well.

Read their recent comments here.

Check out the book here.



On a happier note…

University of Georgia Press is closing January (which happens to be creativity month – who knew? I didn’t) by celebrating creativity. The press rounded up its best creatively unique titles for those of us who appreciate something a little extraordinary.

Wanna see? Here you go!

There’s always more to know people! We uni presses are not as boring as you might think. We’re actually cooler than the moon. So come back next week for another mini roundup of what some of us are up to. You need us in your life. Toodaloo UP-ers!

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