Announcing the Columbia University Press Spring 2018 Catalog

We are proud to announce our catalog of new books coming in Spring 2018! In her introductory letter, Press Director Jennifer Crewe lays out her hopes for the books in the catalog and lists a few highlights:

Dear Readers,

This coming year we are celebrating a special milestone: Columbia University Press’s 125th anniversary. In June 1893, Seth Low and Nicholas Murray Butler founded Columbia University Press. And here we are, almost 125 years later, with a remarkable record of publishing groundbreaking scholarship and advancing understanding of our world.

This season’s catalogue features titles that demonstrate all of the best qualities of the past 125 years and lead us forward into the next. Columbia’s Jeffrey D. Sachs outlines a bold program for A New Foreign Policy (p. 1). Richard Sylla and David J. Cowen draw on Columbia’s collection of Alexander Hamilton’s writings to show how he laid the groundwork for the U.S. financial system (p. 6). Working for Respect (p. 18), by the Columbia sociologists Adam Reich and Peter Bearman, uses fascinating research into Walmart’s workforce to debate how we can make the economy work for everyone. Our new Race, Inequality, and Health series is inaugurated with Troublesome Science (p. 19), which powerfully illustrates the
misuse of biology to support biased racial distinctions. And Columbia’s Souleymane Bachir Diagne’s Open to Reason (p. 30) is an insightful guide to the history of Muslim philosophy and its ongoing relevance.

Our mission of disseminating knowledge through peer-reviewed, carefully edited books is more critical than ever to stimulate conversations and action around the world. The books on display in this catalogue exist thanks to the efforts of our readers, our partners, our donors, and the university.
Most of our books are specialized and cost more to publish than their sales will support. That’s why philanthropic funds, including gifts from individuals and foundations, are critically needed to invest in our exceptional publications. Last fall we launched the Publisher’s Circle, our leadership donor group, and since have welcomed nearly fifty individuals—many of them Columbia University Press authors—who have helped us publish great books.

Columbia University Press authors are the best in their fields, and their books are made possible thanks to the unique role of the university press, the generosity of our donors, and the support of our university colleagues. Thank you for being part of our community.

Jennifer Crewe
Associate Provost and Director

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