On Mrs. Harris: The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor

The Untold Journey

“Diana had found a story—a story that stirred her: Jean Harris, a proper headmistress of a fancy southern private school, discovers that Herman Tarnower, her longtime famous doctor lover, author of the bestseller The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet, has a new and much younger love. Harris confronts him about it on the evening of March 10, 1980, and ends up killing him with a .32 caliber revolver she said she meant to use on herself; only the gun went off accidentally as her lover grabbed for it.” — Natalie Robins

This week, our featured book is The Untold Journey: The Life of Diana Trilling, by Natalie Robins. Today, we are happy to present an excerpt from Robins’ discussion of Diana Trilling’s bestselling account of the trial of Jean Harris, accused of the murder of her longtime lover, Herman Tarnower: Mrs. Harris: The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor.

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