New Book Tuesday: The Traveler's Guide to Space, What Slaveholders Think, and More!

The Traveler's Guide to Space

Our weekly listing of new books now available:

The Traveler’s Guide to Space: For One-Way Settlers and Round-Trip Tourists
Neil F. Comins

What Slaveholders Think: How Contemporary Perpetrators Rationalize What They Do
Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Rational Investing: The Subtleties of Asset Management
Hugues Langlois and Jacques Lussier

How the Gloves Came Off: Lawyers, Policy Makers, and Norms in the Debate on Torture
Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault

Teenage Suicide Notes: An Ethnography of Self-Harm
Terry Williams

Assessing Empathy
Elizabeth A. Segal, Karen E. Gerdes, Cynthia A. Lietz, M. Alex Wagaman, and Jennifer M. Geiger

The Book of Lord Shang: Apologetics of State Power in Early China
Shang Yang. Edited and translated by Yuri Pines

Now in paperback:
In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary
Mrinalini Chakravorty

Dealing with the Yugoslav Past: Exhibition Reflections in the Successor States
Alina Zubkovych
(ibidem Press)

Ukraine’s Post-Communist Mass Media: Between Capture and Commercialization
Natalya Ryabinska. Foreword by Marta Dyczok
(ibidem Press)

The Effects and Implications of Kazakhstan’s Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: A Resource Dependence Perspective
Oksana Kim. Foreword by Svetlana Vlady
(ibidem Press)

Mind Presentation in Ian McEwan’s Fiction: Consciousness and the Presentation of Character in Amsterdam, Atonement, and On Chesil Beach
Karam Nayebpour
(ibidem Press)

God and the Mathematics of Infinity: What Irreducible Mathematics Says about Godhood
H. Chris Ransford
(ibidem Press)

Revolution and War in Contemporary Ukraine
The Challenge of Change

Edited by Olga Bertelsen
(ibidem Press)

The Sobibor Death Camp: History, Biographies, Remembrance
Chris Webb. Foreword by Frank McDonough
(ibidem Press)

Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 2016/2: Violence in the Post-Soviet Space
Edited by Julie Fedor, Samuel Greene, Andre Härtel, Andrey Makarychev, Andreas Umland, Marcin Kaczmarski, and Natasha Kuhrt
(ibidem Press)

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