Announcing the Columbia University Press Spring 2017 Catalog

Columbia UP Fall 2016 Catalog

We are proud to announce our catalog of new books coming in Spring 2017! In her introductory letter, Press Director Jennifer Crewe lays out her hopes for the books in the catalog and lists a few highlights:

Dear Readers:

Our spring list represents the effort we make at Columbia University Press to bring fresh perspective and invaluable expertise to the global issues that affect our lives. With books on environmental sustainability, the rise of religion, national security, ethical labor practices, corporate accountability, racial injustice, and the historical roots of society and culture, our list responds to and clarifies our political moment.

This season’s most notable trend is the strengthening partnership between our publishing house and the scholars and resources of Columbia University, which has resulted in books that showcase the unique strengths of Columbia’s leading researchers. In Building the New American Economy (p. 1), the Columbia professor Jeffrey D. Sachs presents a visionary plan for sustainable growth. In The Activist Director (p. 6), Ira M. Millstein creates a new model of responsible corporate governance. And Natalie Robins’s biography of Diana Trilling, The Untold Journey (p. 2), is the first book to make extensive use of the Diana Trilling archives and Lionel Trilling’s journals at the Columbia Library.

By More Than Providence (p. 15) is an expansive and instructive history of American strategy in the Asia Pacific, part of a new series on American–East Asian relations generously funded by a Columbia University graduate. Written by the grandson of the first African American scholar to earn a Ph.D. from Columbia, Down the Up Staircase (p. 19) shares a poignant story of American mobility complicated by race. It is the first work to receive support from a member of our new Publisher’s Circle, founded to ensure the publication of significant scholarship regardless of its cost. Our Kenneth J. Arrow lecture series continues with Paul Milgrom’s Discovering Prices (p. 38), which offers a more workable theory of auction design for today’s markets. These books are the rich result of the collaborations and cooperation we hope to increase in the coming years to guarantee that our best thinkers continue to contribute meaningfully to the world.

Thank you for your support,

Jennifer Crewe
President and Director

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