University Press Blog Roundup: From Antarctic Cuisine to Zombies

University Press Roundup

Welcome to our roundup of posts from the world of university press blogs:

Jefferey A. Krames discusses his new book Lead with Humility: Lessons from Pope Francis. (AMACOM Books Blog)

Michael Patrick McDonald, author of All Souls: A Family Story from Southie, on Whitey Bulger, Boston Busing, and Southie’s Lost Generation. (Beacon Press)

The University of California Press announces plans to roll out two open access products. (University of California Press)

… And another university press announces the creation of a unit dedicated to Open Access publishing. (Cambridge University Press)

Meanwhile, Matthew Cockerill asks has open access failed? (Oxford University Press)

The Carrot and the Candy Bar, an excerpt from Packaged Pleasures: How Technology and Marketing Revolutionized Desire, by Gary Cross and Robert N. Proctor. (The University of Chicago Press)

An interview with the new editors of French Historical Studies. (Duke University Press)

Why wait? A holiday gift guide. (University Press of Florida)

A symposium on the future of publishing in the humanities and social sciences. (Georgetown University Press)

An appreciation of the monarch butterfly and restoring the monarchy to Cabin John. (Island Press)

Zombie Week will include Edward Comentale and Aaron Jaffe discussing The Year’s Work at the Zombie Research Center. (Indiana University Press)

Robert C. Post thinks about display and design at the Smithsonian. (Johns Hopkins University Press)

Where do cultures go when they die? Brian Hochman explains the story of codfish, the Indian, and the phonograph. (The University of Minnesota Press)

Brrr! and Bon Appétit! A post on Antarctic Cuisine. (University of Nebraska Press

A guest post by Luther Adams, author of Way Up North in Louisville: African American Migration in the Urban South, 1930-1970, W. E. B. Du Bois’ One Charge. (University of North Carolina Press)

Pamela Newkirk on the satiric lessons of Dear White People. (New York University Press)

An interview with Elisheva Baumgarten author of Practicing Piety in Medieval Ashkenaz. (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Angelique Haugerud looks at the use of parody in the People’s Climate March. (Stanford University Press)

A celebration of Filipino Heritage Month. (Temple University Press)

Mark Polizzotti on translating Patrick Modiano, Nobel Prize winner. (Yale University Press)

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