Michael Dumper on Reparation and Restitution

Jerusalem Unbound

This week our featured book is Jerusalem Unbound: Geography, History, and the Future of the Holy City, by Michael Dumper. Today, we are happy to present a 2013 lecture by Michael Dumper given at the First Palestinian Conference on Forced Population Transfer, hosted by BADIL. In his lecture, Dumper discusses the history and future of reparations, particularly as they apply to Palestinians.

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  1. You sent this to the wrong party. Why are the English obsessed with Israel in a negative way? Muslim political pressure at home? To cover guilt over the failed Mandate and the White Paper? Continuing anger over the Irgun terrorism in the 1940’s? What about Jewish property confiscated in North Africa and Arab lands when Israel was established? The Muslims themselves populated Israel when they threw the Jews out.

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