New Book Tuesday: Plane Crashes, Design Thinking, the Newest from Donald Keene, and More New Titles!

The following books are now available:

Mortal Rituals, Matt RosanoMortal Rituals: What the Story of the Andes Survivors Tells Us About Human Evolution
Matt J. Rossano

The Why of Things: Causality in Science, Medicine, and Life
Peter Rabins

Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works
Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King, and Kevin Bennett

The Winter Sun Shines In: A Life of Masaoka Shiki
Donald Keene

The Southern Garden Poetry Society: Literary Culture and Social Memory in Guangdong
David B. Honey

Democracy on Trial: Social Movements and Cultural Politics in Post-authoritarian Taiwan
Ya-Chung Chuang

Ethics Unbound: Some Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality
Katrin Froese

Daoist Philosophy and Literati Writings in Late Imperial China: A Case Study of The Story of the Stone
Zuyan Zhou

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