New Book Tuesday: Double Agents, Picturing Power, the Quest for Security, and More New Titles

Our weekly list of new titles now available:

Double Agents, Erin CarlstonDouble Agents: Espionage, Literature, and Liminal Citizens
Erin Carlston

Picturing Power: Portraiture and Its Uses in the New York Chamber of Commerce
Karl Kusserow

The Quest for Security: Protection Without Protectionism and the Challenge of Global Governance
Edited by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Mary Kaldor

The Truth About Girls and Boys: Challenging Toxic Stereotypes About Our Children (Now available in paper)
Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett

Korean Horror Cinema
Edited by Alison Peirse and Daniel Martin

Gothic Literature, Second Edition
Andrew Smith

Samuel Beckett: Laughing Matters, Comic Timing
Laura Salisbury

Intelligence Studies in Britain and the US: Historiography Since 1945
Edited by Christopher R. Moran and Christopher J. Murphy

Arab Christians in British Mandate Palestine: Communalism and Nationalism, 1917–1948
Noah Haiduc-Dale

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