“If we are to have a life of the mind, we need carriers of this life. University presses perform that essential function.” — Jay Parini

Next week, November 11-17, 2012, is the first annual University Press Week. From the AAUP announcement:

Taking place November 11-17, 2012, University Press Week highlights the extraordinary work of university presses and their many contributions to culture, the academy, and an informed society. University Press Week promises special events and readings at universities and in communities across the country, as well as online galleries of selected titles and other features.

One of the parts of the UP Week celebration that we are most excited about here is the University Press Week Blog Tour. From Monday through Friday of next week (November 12-16), the blogs of 26 university presses will be coming together to explain the importance of scholarly publishing. Over the course of the week, each blog will post one official UP Week post. When all of these individual posts are read sequentially, they will tell the story of university presses and the value they have added to public and scholarly life in the United States. You can find the schedule of the UP Week posts here. Be sure to check out all the essays, especially the article to be posted here at the CUP Blog on Friday, November 16. Many of the 26 blogs (including the CUP blog) will also be posting additional UP Week content throughout the week.

Be sure to keep up with University Press Week events and articles through Twitter via the #UPWeek hashtag!

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