New Book Tuesday: A Hunger for Aesthetics and new works from Helene Cixous and Paul de Man

Hunger for Aesthetics, Michael KellyOur weekly list of new books.

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A Hunger for Aesthetics: Enacting the Demands of Art
Michael Kelly

Rage and Time: A Psychopolitical Investigation (Now available in paper)
Peter Sloterdijk

Poetry in Painting: Writing on Contemporary Art
Hélène Cixous

The Post-Romantic Predicament
Paul de Man

Deleuze and Film
Edited by David Martin-Jones and William Brown

The Cinema of Michael Haneke: Europe Utopia
Edited by Ben McCann and David Sorfa

Animating the Unconscious: Desire, Sexuality, and Animation
Edited by Jayne Pilling

Modernist Literature
Rachel Potter

Dekalog 4: On East Asian Filmmakers
Edited by Kate E. Taylor

Samuel Beckett: Laughing Matters, Comic Timing
Laura Salisbury

Rereading Heterosexuality: Feminism, Queer Theory, and Contemporary Fiction
Rachel Carroll

Film Unframed: A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema
Edited by Peter Tscherkassky

Literature of the 1950s: Good, Brave Causes

The Victorian Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion
Edited by Andrew Smith and William Hughes

Interpretations of Law and Ethics in Muslim Contexts
Aptin Khanbaghi

Don Quixote in the Archives: Madness and Literature in Early Modern Spain
Dale Shuger

Plague, Quarantines, and Geopolitics in the Ottoman Empire
Birsen Bulmuş

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