Award Winner! Lisa Keller Wins for Her "Triumph of Order: Democracy and Public Space in New York and London"

Lisa Keller, Triumph of OrderCongratulations to Lisa Keller upon winning The New York Academy of History’s Herbert H. Lehman Prize for Distinguished Scholarship for her book Triumph of Order: Democracy and Public Space in New York and London.

This award, named in honor of Governor Herbert H. Lehman, is part of the New York Academy of History’s mission to promote and honor outstanding historical research and writing. The Prize is made possible through the generosity of the Herbert H. Lehman Foundation.

For more on the book, you can read the introduction, A Perfect Storm of People or browse the book in Google Preview. And here’s Kenneth Jackson on the book:

Triumph of Order is one of the most important and provocative books to appear in recent years. Beautifully written, thoroughly researched, and impressively illustrated, it shatters our assumptions about freedom in even the greatest of cities, and it forces us to reconsider our priorities as the British and American governments use the excuse of both terror and traffic to resist even the possibility of public expression in public places.

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