Designing for Growth Named a Best Business Book

Congratulations to Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie authors of Designing for Growth: A Design Toolkit for Managers, which was named as a Best Business Book for 2011 in the management category by 800-CEO-READ.

From 800CEOREAD:

Most managers probably don’t consider themselves designers—they manage people and processes. But consider this: Instead of just thinking about who does what, how and when, what if managers began to think about how these tasks interact with customers, how the space these activities are done in (both the real space and metaphorical space) create efficiency, buy-in, job fulfillment, and profitability? By treating management as a design process, managers can create systems that have quality built in rather than simply offering rules and guidelines for employees to follow. This book is the guide to making that shift, and is an important resource for those who lead people.

For more on the book here is Tim Ogilvie discussing Designing for Growth:

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