Images from The Greatest Grid: Scenes of New York City Before and After the Grid

The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan, 1811-2011, edited by Hilary Ballon, contains a variety of different images and artifacts that offer a visual history of how the city changed as the grid evolved. Below are some images from the book:

The Greatest Grid, Randel Farm
A detail from the Randel Farm Map. John Randel’s survey of Manhattan was instrumental in developing the grid.

Greatest Grid, 81st Street
An 1886 photograph of 81st and 9th Avenue. As the grid extended upward rocks had to be removed.

Real Estate Document 1874
Real estate document from 1874 delivered to Dr. Robert Lenox.

View of Madison Square
Aeriel view of Madison Square 1894

A Panorama from Park Avenue and 94th Street

Morningside ParkMorningside Park, 1903

InwoodInwood, 1914. Despite various plans and efforts, the grid system did not extend to Northern Manhattan.

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