X-Men, Levitating Frogs, Zombies, and more from University Press Blogs.

Our semi-regular weekly roundup of posts from the wide world of university press blogs. As always university presses offer some of the best reading out there on the Web:

Cambridge University Press launches the Cambridge Book Club with their first book, appropriately timed for Bloomsday, Irish Essays, by Denis Donoghue.

The X-Men in American Literature? The Duke University Press blog explains.

The Harvard University Press blog recounts how one of their books led filmmaker Errol Morris to tweet about levitating frogs.

The Indiana University Press blog on a controversial call to end peer review.

Author Kevin Whitehead offers a great guide to listening to jazz online via the Oxford University Press blog.

The surprising relevance of Daniel Drezner’s Theories of International Politics and Zombies via the Princeton University Press blog.

Jeffrey Angles on translating Japanese poetry on the University of California Press blog.

The University of Hawaii Press blog features their author Martin Dusinberre’s op-eds on nuclear power in Japan.

The Yale University Press blog on the surprising popularity of “The Waste Land” app.

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