Mr. Goldsmith Goes to Washington

Kenneth Goldsmith

We were very excited to hear that Kenneth Goldsmith, author of the forthcoming Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age has been invited to read at the White House on Thursday, May 11 beginning at 7:00 pm! The event, which will be streamed live on, will also include performances by Aimee Mann, Common, Billy Collins, Elizabeth Alexander, Rita Dove, Kenneth Goldsmith, Alison Knowles, and Jill Scott. In addition to his reading at the White House, Goldsmith will also join Michelle Obama for a poetry workshop earlier in the day.

The announcement about Goldsmith’s performance at the White House caps off what has been a very busy past few days. Goldsmith also recently contributed a piece to The Wire on the epiphanies of the hunt for music and how it has changed in the digital age; described his current project, rewriting The Arcades Project for New York City; and was interviewed in Frieze magazine.

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