University Press blog wrap-up

To showcase the richness of university press publishing, every so often we like to highlight interesting and provocative items from other university press blogs. Apologies for those we did not include in this installment (see the blog roll for other press blogs).

Duke University Press features a video of Krista Comer discussing her book Surfer Girls in the New World.

Remembering Pearl Harbor on the Fordham University Press blog.

Some very good gift suggestions from the Harvard University Press blog.

A video documents the first ten years of Indiana University Press as part of their 60th anniversary.

The New York University Press blog takes on the breastfeeding battle.

Elvin Lim, author of The Anti-Intellectual Presidency on “WikiLeaks, Anarchism, and the State,” on the Oxford University Press blog.

“The Euro at Mid-Crisis,” by Kenneth Rogoff via the Princeton University Press blog.

A podcast with Rebecca Solnit, author of Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas and the University of California Press art director, Lia Tjandra on the University of California Press blog.

A fascinating conversation between W. J. T. Mitchell and Tzvetan Todorov on the University of Chicago Press blog.

The depiction of the South on reality television on the University of North Carolina Press blog.

12 days of giveaways on The University Press of Kentucky blog.

The University of Minnesota Press blog has a great series of interviews in conjunction with their new book series relating to Quadrant a new initiative to foster collaborative scholarship and revolutionize interdisciplinary publishing.

“Notes from a Native New Yorker: Landmark of the Spirit,” from the Yale University Press blog.

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