University Press Blog Roundup

To showcase the richness of university press publishing, every so often we like to highlight interesting and provocative items from other university press blogs. Apologies for those we did not include in this installment (see the blog roll for other press blogs).

The authors of Evolution, Creationism, and the Battle to Control America’s Classrooms Michael Berkman and Eric Plutzer on Christine O’Donnell and Evolution from the Cambridge University Press blog.

VIDEO: James Green talks about his new books on Brazil from the Duke University Press blog.

Marcus Boon explains why he put a free .pdf of his new book online for free from the Harvard University Press blog.

United Nations ebook collection added to IU Press Online from the Indiana University Press blog.

The paranormal beliefs of religions from the New York University Press blog.

How to arrest a spiral of cynicism from the Oxford University Press blog.

Interview with Tom Tyler author of Why People Cooperate: The Role of Social Motivations on the Princeton University Press blog.

Steve Almond interviews his mother about maternal ambivalence on the University of California Press blog.

Ari Up, lead singer for The Slits is remembered by the University of Chicago Press blog

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