New York City, Questions, Oddities, and History

When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green?Every year the librarians at the New-York Historical Society Library field thousands of questions from patrons. In When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green? 102 of the most compelling questions are collected and answered. These questions illuminate New York’s  history and the various facets of the city from its politics and sports to its oddities and extraordinary residents. Take the quiz below and find out how well you know the history of New York City.

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1. What famous statesman founded the New York Post?
a. George Washington
b. Alexander Hamilton
c. Rudolph Giuliani
d. Andrew Carnegie

2. Where did the name “Manhattan” come from?
a. Native Americans
b. Henry Hudson
c. Dutch West India Company
d. Queen Isabella of Spain

3. What was the “Massacre Opera House”?
a. a theater
b. a play
c. a famous opera singer’s residence
d. a haunted house

4. How did New York City’s first self-made female millionaire make her fortune?
a. she ran a media empire
b. she ran for mayor
c. she sold hair products
d. she created a restaurant chain

5. What was the largest ticker-tape parade (by weight) down the Canyon of Heroes?
a. when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996
b. when astronaut John Glenn returned to Earth
c. when President George Washington was inaugurated
d. when the troops returned from World War II

6. Why are there beavers on the seal of the City of New York?
a. Peter Stuyvesant wanted to honor his pet beaver
b. the city’s first settler owned a beaver farm
c. New Amsterdam was founded as a beaver-pelt trading outpost
d. John Jacob Aster wanted to honor his family’s ties to the pelt business

7. Who were the Death Avenue Cowboys?
a. cowboys
b. a band
c. a vaudeville troupe
d. a gang that controlled Lower Manhattan
8. Where is the other Statue of Liberty in New York City? 
a. in Brooklyn
b. in Queens
c. in the Bronx
d. on Staten Island

9. Why does Broadway run diagonally through the grid plan of Manhattan?
a. it was a stream
b. it was a cow path
c. it was designed that way
d. it was an Indian trail

10. How did the Central Park gates get their names?
a. the craftsmen accidentally switched the names with Van Cortlandt Park’s gates
b. politicians dedicated the gates to the unions that gave the most money to their campaigns
c. a citywide contest among schoolchildren was held
d. planners dedicated them to the citizens of the city

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