Have dinner with Andre (and Toby Talbot)

Talbot, The New Yorker TheaterFor those in New York City (and sorry for the short notice), there is a great event tonight at the New York Film Festival surrounding Toby Talbot’s new book The New Yorker Theater and Other Scenes from a Life at the Movies.

In the book Toby Talbot recounts her days as the co-owner of the legendary New Yorker Theater, which was located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and introduced cutting-edge films from around the world to a generation of American moviegoers. With her husband Dan, Talbot showcased a range of eclectic films, introducing French New Wave and New German cinema, along with other groundbreaking genres and styles. Frequent visitors to the New Yorker included Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Susan Sontag, Andrew Sarris, and Pauline Kael.

Tonight Molly Haskell will lead a conversation with Dan, Toby, and filmmaker Jonathan Demme about the Talbots’ legacy and their role in the growth of film culture in New York. The conversation will be preceded by a reception and book signing and then followed by a screening of My Dinner With Andre.

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