Alternet on All the Art That's Fit to Print

Henry Kissinger

Alternet posted a piece by Steve Brown on the various illustrations for the Op-Ed page that have been killed by the New York Times over the years. In fact, rejecting illustrations, such as David Levine’s depiction of Kissinger, has cost the Times more than $1 million in “kill fees.” The Kissinger image and others can be found in Jerelle Kraus’s All the News That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t): Inside the New York Times Op-Ed Page.

Brown’s post at alternet highlights other images from the book, including many never before published, as well as a description of Kraus’s discussion about the book at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the Upper West Side. Brown writes:

It was no surprise to see a large contingent of Times editors, reporters, and other former colleagues in the audience, snickering gleefully at the follies of their masters — and wishing the author well — but wearing dark glasses and pulled-down hats just in case anyone might be watching.

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