Siddharth Kara at the Carnegie Council and in the Financial Times

Over the weekend, Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, by Siddharth Kara was reviewed in the Financial Times.

In the very favorable review, Jonathan Birchall writes:

In India, [Kara] argues a bungalow brothel makes an average of $12,926 on each slave annually, a profit margin of 72 per cent. On the street in a western European city, where the acquisition costs are higher, the estimated profits of $76,180 represent an even bigger 75 per cent margin.

The cold numbers, he argues, show that sex trafficking is more profitable for criminals than drug trafficking – with many of the same overhead costs, such as bribing local policemen and border guards, but far lower risks of getting caught.

Fairer Globalization has an excellent post on Siddharth Kara’s recent talk at the Carnegie Council.

You can watch the entirety of Kara’s appearance here. Below is a highlight from Kara’s talk in which he discusses ways to end the sex trade:

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