The Insider Forum at NewsHour – Experts Answer Questions about China's Olympic Moment

Beijing Olympic bannerYesterday Victor Cha, author of the forthcoming Beyond the Final Score, was invited to participate in the Insider’s Forum hosted by the website for NewsHour. The discussion between Victor Cha and Orville Schell of the Asia Society was hosted by Margaret Warner. You can listen to an audio download or read the transcript of the full interview here.

Here’s a highlight of Victor Cha’s comments:

“I’m of the view that China will not be the same country after these games. Certainly, it’s not going to make the liberalization transition and democratic transition that South Korea made in 1987 and ’88, but there is still something about exposing this concept of Olympism and the Olympics to 1.3 billion people that is bound to have some sort of effect on the regime.”

You can also read more of Victor Cha’s writings about the Olympics in a previous post and a round-up of his media appearances on this blog.



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