More on The Measure of America: A Quiz and Article from the Social Science Research Council

As The Measure of America: American Human Development Report, 2008-2009 continues to garner attention for its truly eye-opening findings about the United States, the Social Science Research Council has decided to put you to the test.  The quiz they have assembled asks readers a series of questions to find out just how much they know about the nation’s well-being and the disparities and progress that characterize the country.

Five Subway Stops, A Half-Century DifferenceAlso while you’re there, you can read the startling new article entitled, “Five Subway Stops, A Half-Century Difference.”  In it, Dr. Mary-Lea Cox examines two districts — New York’s 14th and 16th Congressional Districts — on opposite ends of the human development scale. Perhaps most notable, however, is the fact that the two districts are separated by less than 3 miles and only five stops on the #6 train.

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