The Highest and Lowest-Ranking Districts in the U.S.: More from The Measure of America

In separate articles, New York’s Daily News and the Huffington Post look at findings from The Measure of America: American Human Development Report 2008-2009 that determine the best and worst Congressional Districts in the United States in terms of such factors as health, education, and income. The highest ranking Congressional District is New York’s 14th, which encompasses New York City’s Upper East Side while the worst is California’s 20th Congressional District located in the San Joaquin Valley.

Here’s a comparison between the two districts looking at some key indicators:

Life expectancy at birth: CD 14, New York (81.6); CD 20, California (77.1)

At least a High School Diploma:  CD 14, New York (90.4%); CD 20, California (52.6%)

At least a Bachelor’s Degree: CD 14, New York (62.6%); CD 20, California (6.5%)

Median Earnings (2005 Dollars): CD 14, New York ($51, 139); CD 14, California ($16,767)

The Measure of America also highlights the difference between the 14th Congressional District and the New York’s 16th Congressional district which are separated by only five stops on the #6 train. Looking at a range of data the report concludes that “These two districts have a fifty-six year gap in human development. Separated by more than 2 miles, they might just as easily be located in different hemispheres.”

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