Book Giveaway! Universality and Identity Politics

McGowan shows that a genuinely emancipatory politics is intrinsically universalist, and he reveals the various ways in which identity politics inevitably serves the conservative establishment and traps us into a conception of politics as a struggle of one identity against others. Universality and Identity Politics is a groundbreaking book.

~Mari Ruti, author of Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings: The Emotional Costs of Everyday Life

This week, we are featuring Universality and Identity Politics, by Todd McGowan. In this book, Todd McGowan argues that universals such as equality and freedom are not imposed on us. They emerge from our shared experience of their absence and our struggle to attain them. Fill out the form below for your chance to win a copy of this book, and check back on Tuesday for a guest post by McGowan, and on Friday for an excerpt from the book.

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