Book Giveaway! Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry, by Margaret M. Chin

An insightful and sensitively written ethnographic study of New York’s immigrant garment industry. Chin reports on the virtues and vices of coethnicity and the enclave economy. Her broad-based study delves into the urban low-wage economy, globalization, New York’s fashion industry and sweatshop labor as it impinges on owners and workers—and into immigration, race and ethnicity, gender and family life, as well as the effects of 9/11. Chin’s book is ethnographic sociology at its richest and best.

~Herbert J. Gans, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University, author of Democracy and the News

Our celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month continues with a look at Margaret M. Chin’s Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry. In this book, Chin provides a detailed and complex portrait of the work lives of Chinese and Latino garment workers, and contrasts the working conditions and hiring practices of Korean- and Chinese-owned factories in the United States.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win a copy of the book, then check back tomorrow to read an interview with Chin about the history and current state of garment work in New York City, and on Wednesday for an excerpt from the book.

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