Book Giveaway! When Principles Pay: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line, By Geoffrey Heal

A must read for anyone wanting to understand the corporate world’s involvement in environmental and social issues. Geoffrey Heal argues convincingly that the corporation’s long term self interest requires that it pay attention to the environmental and social impacts of its operation. Heal makes the argument that the involvement in the world of sustainability is no longer a question of if, but when. One will find his discussion of outsourcing enlightening.

~Alan Hassenfeld, chairman of the board, Hasbro, Inc.

We are wrapping up our month-long Earth Day celebration with Geoffrey Heal’s When Principles Pay: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line. Consumer trends have leaned toward supporting corporations that present themselves as socially conscious while penalizes companies that have poor environmental track records. In this book, Heal examines the compatibility between profit maximization and policies that support social and environmental goals in accordance with these views.

We are kicking off this feature by offering you a chance to win a copy of this work in today’s giveaway. Check back in on Wednesday for a guest post by Heal on the environment and disease and on Thursday for an excerpt from this work!

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