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From the Russian Library series

Fandango and Other Stories

Alexander Grin. Translated by Bryan Karetnyk

Fandango and Other Stories presents a selection of essential short fiction by Alexander Grin, Russia’s counterpart to Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alexandre Dumas. Grin’s ingenious plots explore conflicts of the individual and society in a romantic world populated by a cast of eccentric, cosmopolitan characters.

From the Studies in Transgression series

Enforcing Freedom

Drug Courts, Therapeutic Communities, and the Intimacies of the State

Kerwin Kaye

Kerwin Kaye offers an ethnographic account of drug courts and mandatory treatment centers as a system of coercion, demonstrating how the state uses notions of rehabilitation as a means of social regulation. Enforcing Freedom presents a critical perspective on the punitive side of criminal-justice reform and points toward alternative paths forward.

Reforming the City

The Contested Origins of Urban Government, 1890–1930

Ariane Liazos

Ariane Liazos examines the urban reform movement that swept through the country in the early twentieth century and its unintended consequences. Reforming the City offers powerful insights into the relationships between scholarship and reform and between the structures of city government and urban democracy.

The Typographic Imagination

Reading and Writing in Japan’s Age of Modern Print Media

Nathan Shockey

Nathan Shockey examines the emergence of new forms of reading, writing, and thinking in Japan from the last years of the nineteenth century through the first decades of the twentieth. The Typographic Imagination presents a multivalent vision of the rise of mass print media and the transformation of modern Japanese literature, language, and culture.

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