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The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway

Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria

Jason Oddy. Foreword by Samia Henni.

The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway collects Jason Oddy’s in-depth photographic survey of the Brazilian modernist Oscar Niemeyer’s Algerian projects alongside archival documents and further research into Niemeyer’s Algerian work in order to explore the revolutionary politics that inspired and formed these buildings.

Gerhard Friedl

Edited by Volker Pantenburg

Austrian director Gerhard Benedikt Friedl (1967–2009) left a small but singular oeuvre. This book sheds light on the work behind Friedl’s films. It combines working process documentation with conversations with close collaborators and the articles Friedl wrote as a film and art critic.


When the Future Came

The Collapse of the USSR and the Emergence of National Memory in Post-Soviet History Textbooks

Edited by Li Bennich-Björkman and Sergiy Kurbatov

This volume brings together case studies that illustrate how the fall of the USSR led to the rise of successor states with their own historicized collective memories. Analyses juxtapose history textbooks for secondary schools and universities and explore how they aim to create understandings as well as identities that are politically usable.

Religion, Expression, and Patriotism in Russia

Essays on Post-Soviet Society and the State

Edited by Sanna Turoma, Kaarina Aitamurto, and Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover

This volume presents seven case studies that probe into the politics of religion and culture in today’s Russia. The contributions highlight the diversity of Russia’s religious communities and cultural practices.


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