Book Giveaway! Translations About Crime and Deception!

This week we’re running two book giveaway campaigns for National Translation MonthOften times crime, corruption and deception act as a prelude and as an aftershock of war. Travelling back in time before the World Wars, we’ll turn our scope to a seedier kind of injustice that gripped Europe by looking at Dominique Kalifa’s celebrated Vice, Crime, and Poverty: How the Western Imagination Invented the Underworld, a history of the idea of the underworld in 19th century Europe. Europe wasn’t the only place worried about crime and deception in the 19th century, as our next featured work will show. Lust, Commerce, and Corruption: An Account of What I Have Seen and Heard is an anonymous Edo Samurai’s frank account on everything wrong with Japanese society. We’ll then pivot our focus on cruelty to the harsh winter tundras of Russia. Sasha Sokolov’s Between Dog and Wolf is a book with many linguistic complexities that have made it famous in the Russian canon but difficult to render in English, yet has been effectively translated by Alexander Boguslawski. Finally, we’ll explore Nikolai Nikolaevich and Camouflage: Two Novels by Yuz Aleshkovsky and translated by Duffield White.

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