Book Giveaway! Social Empathy: The Art of Understanding Others, by Elizabeth A. Segal

Social Empathy expands on what we know about interpersonal empathy and strikes right at the heart of today’s partisan conflicts. In readable, humane, and informative prose, this book explains how we can overcome tribal instincts and forge the supportive, meaningful connections we need in order to thrive in today’s global environment.

~ Caroline Wellbery, Georgetown University School of Medicine

Our ability to understand others and help others understand us is essential to our individual and collective well-being. Yet there are many barriers that keep us from walking in the shoes of others: fear, skepticism, and power structures that separate us from those outside our narrow groups. To progress in a multicultural world and ensure our common good, we need to overcome these obstacles. Our best hope can be found in the skill of empathy, and this week’s featured book is aimed at helping us cultivate that skill. In Social Empathy: The Art of Understanding Others, Elizabeth A. Segal explains how we can develop our ability to understand one another and have compassion toward different social groups.

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