Book Giveaway! All Nations Under Heaven, by Frederick Binder, David M. Reimers, and Robert W. Snyder

A new cohort of students and readers more generally will now be made aware of a classic work, All the Nations Under Heaven, a profoundly humane and exciting panorama of the linked histories of New York City and immigrants. The flow of women and men from around the world has done no less than shape them, the city, the nation, and the world. This book sweeps across time, connecting past and present with scrupulous research, clear thinking, rich detail, and fine writing.

~ Hasia Diner, New York University

Our featured book is All the Nations Under Heaven: Immigrants, Migrants, and the Making of New York (revised edition), by Frederick Binder, David M. Reimers, and Robert W. Snyder. Make sure you check the blog this week for a guest blog post from the authors and an excerpt from the newly released revised edition of the book. In the meantime, fill out the form below for your chance to win a free copy of the book. The giveaway winner will be contacted on Tuesday, June 25th.

The giveaway will be closed Friday, June 21st at midnight EDT.

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