Book Giveaway! Genealogies of Terrorism, Queer Terror, and Naming Violence

This week we are featuring titles from our New Directions in Critical Theory series. This series presents outstanding classic and contemporary texts in the tradition of critical social theory, broadly construed. The series aims to renew and advance the program of critical social theory, with a particular focus on theorizing contemporary struggles around gender, race, sexuality, class, and globalization and their complex interconnections. Throughout the week we will be featuring posts from authors and excerpts from these titles.

Be sure to enter our drawing (bottom of page) for a chance to win a copy of one of the books listed below!

Genealogies of Terrorism

Revolution, State Violence, Empire

Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson

Queer Terror

Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony

C. Heike Schotten

Naming Violence

A Critical Theory of Genocide, Torture, and Terrorism

Mathias Thaler

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