Book Giveaway! Media U: How the Need to Win Audiences Has Shaped Higher Education

Tackling everything from football to general education to the credit hour, Media U helps us understand our turbulent university landscape. With a deep sense of history and careful marshaling of data, Cooper and Marx show us that higher ed is not just a maker of knowledge but also a platform for information—a medium itself.

~ Paula M. Krebs, Executive Director, Modern Language Association

This week we’re bringing you a second book giveaway! In celebration of the new school year, we’re featuring Media U: How the Need to Win Audiences Has Shaped Higher Education, by Mark Garrett Cooper and John Marx. In this book, the authors present a provocative rethinking of the development of American higher education centered on the insight that universities are media institutions. Mark Garrett Cooper and John Marx argue that the fundamental goal of the American research university has been to cultivate audiences and convince them of its value.

Enter our drawing by 1pm Friday, September 14 for a chance to win a free copy, and be sure to check-in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Cooper and Marx.


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