Book Giveaway! The Story of Life in 25 Fossils, by Donald R. Prothero

This week our featured book is The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: Tales of Intrepid Fossil Hunters and the Wonders of Evolution by Donald R. Prothero.

In addition to featuring the book and the author on the blog, we will also be posting about the book on twitter, and facebook.

We are also offering a FREE copy of The Story of Life in 25 Fossils to one winner. To enter the contest please e-mail and include your name and address. The winner will be selected Friday, August 28th at 1:00 pm.

Here’s what Niles Eldredge says about The Story of Life in 25 Fossils: “Prothero, an outstanding paleontologist and skilled communicator, has written the best up-to-date account of the history of life as revealed by the fossil record that I have ever had the pleasure to read. His lucid prose brings these long-dead organisms back to life, while painting a picture of how all life has been interconnected through evolution. ”

For more on the book you can read the chapter, “Planet of the Scum”:

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