Book Giveaway: Insurrections series

Rage and Time

One of our most exciting and active book series is Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture, edited by Slavoj Zizek, Clayton Crockett, Creston Davis, and Jeffrey W. Robbins. Books in the series offer a close look at the intersection of religion, politics, and culture in the modern world by bringing the tools of philosophy and critical theory to the political implications of the religious turn.

Throughout this week, we will be hosting a number of posts and interviews from the editors and authors of the Insurrections series, and we will also feature the series on Twitter feed, and on our Facebook page.

We are also offering a FREE copy of THREE of the exciting books in the Insurrections series to the winner of our Book Giveaway: The Incident at Antioch/L’Incident D’Antioch, by Alain Badiou; Hermeneutic Communism, by Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala; and Rage and Time, by Peter Sloterdijk.

To enter our Book Giveaway, simply e-mail with your name and preferred mailing address. We will randomly select one winner on Friday, March 29, at 1:00 pm. Good luck, and spread the word! The book giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to the winner!

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